Katie Manekshaw studied commercial arts at both Manchester & Lancashire Universities in the UK but arrived in The Great Southern Land over 26 years ago.

After more than a decade of slandering her creative talents to be a well paid slave in the marketing industry, Katie has reawakened and rekindled her love for truth, art and pure unadulterated creative expression.

Although she expresses herself through a multitude of mediums, from poetry, jewellery making, painting, music, writing, photography, entrepreneurship and film. Ceramics is her true passion. 

She recently became a most loyal member of @claypoolgroup in Botany, where she has found her home amongst some of Sydney's most talented ceramic artists.

"I only make one off pieces and unique commissions. I no longer wish to make my art for anyone else, if you like my work, great. If you want something different, get it from someone else. I absolutely refuse to limit my personal creative spirit for any kind of monetary reward."

"Artist can change the world for the better, for only they can shine a light on the darkness, most beautifully" - K Manekshaw 

Katie Manekshaw